Application for the TRIP Class 21/22 starts on 01.09.21

Final Class 20/21



AI-UI GmbH develops a NO-CODE Software solution to create, optimize and deploy AI for industrial and private usage.


IGNITION is set to become Europe's largest platform for HR solutions and brings consistent transparency to the complex HR market. In doing so, IGNITION supports its customers in uncovering HR potentials, shows individual development paths towards HR excellence and enables the search, selection and contracting of qualitatively excellent HR solutions.

Plasmaquelle | eCeramix GmbH

The eCeramix GmbH manufactures a miniaturized plasma source for use in the cosmetics and medical sectors. The basis is an LTCC ceramic substrate. LTCC (low temperature cofired ceramics) are used as circuit and function carriers in electronics. By combining different miniaturization processes, developed by eCeramix GmbH, plasma sources with very small dimensions can be manufactured.


Peeriot: peer2peer meets IoT. A decentralized ecosystem for IoT devices In the future, devices will be connected and intelligent. To decide intelligent, they need data from their neighbors. Up to now this has been complex, as software bridges have to be developed and maintained. The Peeriot team wants to make devices p2p-capable through a decentralized network protocol. This enables devices to exchange and understand data autonomously - without software bridges. Device manufacturers can thereby reduce their complexity and costs and receive new next-level functions for their devices.


Polytives develops and produces additives for vinyl-containing polymers, which make up more than 2/3 of the plastics available on the market. We can adjust viscosity, shrinkage and elasticity as desired and the customer receives a customized additive that can significantly improve his process and product. Energy savings, improved recyclability and harmlessness to health included. Only the physical properties are affected - the chemical ones remain.


SPACEOPTIX GmbH is a start-up and spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF in Jena and develops and manufactures high-quality metal-optical components and mirror systems for applications in the fields of space, astronomy, science and industrial production. With the founding of the company, a technology transfer of 20 years of applied research work from the scientific field into industrial practice takes place.

TRIP Class 20/21


Alva Genomics

Alva Genomics, founded in 2020, helps scientist in industry and academia analyse their data through bioinformatic consulting and software. Recently in the field of biology, scientists are facing an unpresented increase in sequencing data. Without the necessary statistical and programming knowledge this forms a major bottle neck in research and development. Alva Genomics specialises in providing support and software solutions for enabling researchers to make the most of their data in the rapidly growing field of Next Generation Sequencing.


Bringing Chinese-German cooperation to success - with our Social Gaming Hr Solution. We promote cultural exchange between employees, as well as students, in a playful and flexible way with our mobile application. Mutual cultural sensitization creates trust and understanding, helps teamwork and increases productivity. Companies can buy a license to use the mobile application and also integrate company specific topics. Private users can use it for free.


Droneed gives the customers a new perspective on social media, hobby and real estate videos. A community of freelancers, start-ups and small business owners are ready to plan, film and edit a video quickly, professionally and inexpensively on request. Everything according to the motto: Trust is good, Drones are better. With our regular drone competition, where the pilot of the best video receives a lifetime subscription and 100 euros in prize money, Droneed is building a network of professional freelancers.





We want to put research papers and/or articles directly in the pockets of General Practitioners (GPs), the public and hospital workers, allowing them to get their relevant questions answered in the format of short video snippets and visual graphics – all done with a hybrid of curated information and Machine Learning.

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