Application for the TRIP Class 21/22 starts on 01.09.21

Class 19/20

Final Class


DNP technology

We make peer-to-peer (p2p) applications suitable for the masses and lay the foundation for "Next Internet" and "Next IOT" with a p2p ecosystem. We create a new network connection (p2p) and enable DIRECT and cross-application data exchange between devices (car, traffic light, train, human, robot). We offer device manufacturers and users upgradeable swarm intelligence, new functions, and 100% data sovereignty.


The E-TERRY company develops, manufactures and markets precision farming systems for the effectiveness of conventional agriculture and for the rapidly growing organic farming market worldwide. The core of the technologies is the mobile robotics platform E-TERRY, which with specific function modules e.g. can be used for soil and plant analysis (mapping), for sowing and plant care or for harvesting.

Influnate GmbH

Influnate is a tool that allows you to send and receive money via social networks. This makes it a universal service. You can easily give something back to the people who save your day and finally send the 5$ to a friend who paid for the pizzas the last time. You can raise money for your first own album, finance the next equipment for your favourite streamer, get support for your art or raise money for a good cause.

"Servicum" – Servicing Smart Energy.

Servicum offers manufacturers of smart energy products a holistic business process outsourcing solution for handling their after-sales services. The offer ranges from digital self-service functions via hotline channels to spare parts services and on-site operations. Smart energy products are e.g. Photovoltaic components, Li-ion battery systems, e-mobility charging stations or elements of building automation.


Winstate helps businesses to automate their social media marketing by creating well designed and well written social media posts using deep learning and natural language processing.  Creating high-quality social media content has never been easier. With just one click, users can take care of their whole social media marketing efforts.

youplant UG (hb)

Only organic seeds, water, air and light, no fertilizer, no additives. We stand for healthier nutrition that is tailored to the personal preferences of customers. In our cubes, crispy microgreens, high-energy edible seedlings can be produced for daily enjoyment right where they are consumed. Super plants from the customizable energy filling station, fully automated and app-supported.

Erste Klasse


BIM - Gestützte Planungs- und Bauprozess­modellierung

The aim is to re-establish a service that basically offers a systematic construction modeling process that is designed to expand and compress the described project-related construction processes automatically or semi-automatically.

Dashfactory GmbH

Dashfactory GmbH will launch the first legally compliant dashcam for cyclists in summer 2020. The special feature of the safety camera is the event-related recording. Only when the distance to the cyclist falls below the 1.5 meter minimum distance, the vehicle and driver are recorded. The founders are currently adapting this technology to the streetcar and are working on the Dashtram. In the next few years, the Dashfactory will develop into a large company in the field of camera technology and data analysis.


FrachtGefährten is a software application and is intended to develop into the standard program in freight planning and freight forwarding in the shipping industry. The application offers analysis, planning and design functions in one program. The effect is a sustainable reduction in transport costs and the associated process costs in the company. In addition, an immediate reduction of the environmental impact or freight volume by combining individual partial loads into a total load on the road is realistic.

Die Kutscher von Weimar

The plan is founding a studio for game development: "By The Way Media". The first game and thus pilot project is to be "Die Kutscher von Weimar" - a culturally and educationally valuable video game, about Weimar, with an "on-site mode": a game that is both an event and a souvenir.


lionez is a service platform for business travelers which unites all areas of business travel (travel management, concierge service and business network) and helps to save business travelers a lot of time and money. The travel management provided by lionez offers a comprehensive help for business trips, which covers all topics of a business trip, from booking through the safety of employees on trips to the settlement of the trip. The concierge service is available to help with many other business travel concerns. The BusinessConnect network also brings them together with like-minded people.



Moonup - urbane Schlafstationen

The idea behind Moonup is to create attractive and comfortable sleeping options in urban areas. For this purpose, analogous to the rental stations for car sharing, sleeping stations should be installed and rented on rented space. The sleeping stations are premium living containers with maximum sleeping comfort. These sleep stations are installed at various locations in the city and can be booked flexibly, even by the hour. This creates a completely new alternative to classic sleeping offers such as hotels, motels or Airbnb.




The PlyHA app aims to provide users a unique combination of gaming and networking through real time activities. PlyHA offers users tailored and user-created activities based on gamification and point system which engage users to earn points and win prizes. This invigorates a spirit of healthy lifestyle while being engaged in sports and social networking.




Schutzengel makes the everyday life of seniors and their relatives much safer and can save thousands of lives. With the emergency watch, the elderly receives a guardian angel who automatically recognizes emergency and dangerous situations and then notifies his family fully automatically so that he can get help immediately. With the Guardian Angel app, users can for the first time set their own security network and flexibly determine, which information, at what time, to which trusted persons is transmitted.


Legimus GmbH (in the founding process) deals with the development, production and sales of the world's first e-book reader / SmartDevice for the blind, as well as the use of digital literature converted to the blind format in a closed shop system. SmartBraille represents a fist-sized endless Braille display produced in Thuringia, which should be available for a few hundred Euros. It is designed to make digital literature barrier-free regardless of language, but also to enable a playful Braille learning. SmartBraille: Reading is life.


The TB is an innovative input device that combines the conventional keyboard and mouse. Its ergonomics and customization make it particularly adaptable. This means that functions can be assigned to individual keys as required and the TB can also be expanded with modules. This enables a wide range of expressions and makes communication with the computer and other devices convenient, simple and intuitive.

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