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A strong economy needs innovation – a living culture of innovation, open innovation processes and collaboration. This is the only way we can meet current challenges, such as the shortage of skilled workers and climate change. Every company, regardless of whether it is a startup, SME or large corporation, thrives on developing itself and its product further, on not standing still, but on rethinking the future together with other innovative minds. The best starting point for this is the TRIP Community!

Cooperation between SMEs and startups holds great potential for both sides. In most SMEs, significant resources are focused on the operational business and there is little room for innovation processes. In the form of one of the many cooperation opportunities, SMEs can benefit from the entrepreneurial spirit of startups. The know-how of both sides in their diversity can be used to develop innovative approaches. At the same time, SMEs have established structures, long-term relationships with customers and suppliers, and expertise in their field, which can benefit startups.

These synergies become tangible through trust formats such as TRIP. The resulting collaboration helps both sides to promote innovation, increase competitiveness, stimulate open innovation processes and densify the innovation ecosystem. Profitable collaborations between SMEs and startups are thus a valuable building block in the transformation process of Thuringia’s economy.

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Advantages for SMEs

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The TRIP community gives you access to new technologies, talented teams and innovative business concepts. This gives you insights into the latest market developments and trends as well as new impulses for your current challenges. Get your business in the game and reach the next level with the TRIP community.

For SMEs who want to be inspired.

TRIP is your opportunity to discover potential investment opportunities. Thuringia has a technological edge in many high-growth industries, such as optics, photonics and life science. So the startups from TRIP can perfectly complement your portfolio.

Venture capital plays a central role in startup financing. Both sides profit from this. Corporate investment in startups gives you strategic advantages, drives innovation in your own company and secures you access to future technologies. Start as a corporate investor and secure access to innovations to stay competitive!

For SMEs who want to invest.

Invest in the Future

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You want to develop your company further, advance your own innovative projects or open up new business areas through a spin-off? With TRIP, we take your business concept to the next level and drive innovation with expertise, workshops, budget and networking. This is how we move towards investment readiness.

For SMEs who want to expand their business.

With your participation in targeted exchange formats between corporates and startups, you can gain initial insights into collaboration and tap into potential. In the context of Cross Labs, we bring SMEs together with startups and creative professionals to work out solutions to current challenges faced by Thuringian companies. In addition, our InnoMatch event invites startups, corporates and future shapers from Thuringia to engage in an intensive and moderated discourse on future-oriented issues in small rounds in a targeted manner.

You can also get first impressions of our work with startups as well as access to our network of innovation-driven companies at the TRIP Kickoff event „Start your TRIP“ and the Demo Day.

For SMEs who want to become part of the innovation community.

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Are you interested in shaping and accelerating the innovation ecosystem together with us? Then contact us and become part of the TRIP community with your company!


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TRIP ist eine Initiative der STIFT im Rahmen des Projektes ThEx innovativ und wird gefördert durch den Freistaat Thüringen aus Mitteln des Europäischen Sozialfonds Plus.

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