Workshop “Value Creation”

Exclusively for TRIP participants. The teams and business models of the pre-selected TRIP projects will be scrutinized to find out how much potential they have. The top applicants will receive full tickets for the TRIP-Cllass 20/21.

Start your TRIP

Are you curious which start-up projects have made it into the TRIP-Class 21/22 out of the numerous applications? At the kick-off event "Start your TRIP" the TRIP-Cass 21/22 will be announced. Get to know the next start-up generation!


Take advantage of the opportunity to network across disciplines again this year! InnoMatch offers a space where you can exchange ideas with competition participants, TRIP Class 21/22 start-ups and the innovation community.

Workshop “Business Model Creation”

Exclusively for the TRIP Class 21/22. The first step towards a company is an idea - but that is far from being a business model. In the workshop "Business Model Creation", the TRIP class learns how to turn an initial idea into a business model. Together with STIFT, the TRIP participants will examine their business […]

Workshop “Strategy”

Exclusive for the TRIP Class 21/22. How do I make the right decisions for my start-up? Which financing strategy should I pursue? How can I make my business strategy future-proof and competitive? All these questions will be answered together with the TRIP-Class 21/22.

Workshop “Law”

Exclusively for the TRIP Class 21/22. At the "Law" workshop, the TRIP teams will get an overview of various legal aspects such as legal forms, rights and obligations of CEOs, IPR and data protection. Besides, they will learn which legal matters they need to pay attention to.

Workshop “Market and Competition”

Exclusively for the TRIP Class 21/22. Why is clear market positioning so important for start-ups? Which positioning works strategically for my business concept? How can smart positioning move and disrupt existing ecosystems? How do I make the right decisions? These are the core topics we will work on in the TRIP workshop "Market & Competition" […]

Workshop “Financing”

Exclusively for the TRIP Class 21/22. The TRIP workshop "Financing" is about more than money. For start-ups, successfully completing an investment also means making a lot of upfront investments and strategic decisions. In the TRIP workshop, the TRIP team coaches the TRIP Class 21/22 on what can be done right in start-up financing with investors […]

Demo Day

After several months of coaching, workshops and intensive work on the way to Investment Readyness, the projects of the TRIP Class will present their results and will be available for exchange. You will find out who will make it to the Final TRIP Class on March 16, 2022. For the Final TRIP Class 21/22, there […]

Workshop “Scaling up your team”

Exclusively for the Final TRIP Class 21/22. It`s all about scaling up your team! The TRIP team provides TRIP startups with insights on employee development, team scaling and leadership. Coordination, communication, goal achievement and flexibility are key concepts.

Hannover Messe

With the start-ups of the TRIP Accelerator Program, it's off to the Hannover Messe. The TRIP Class 21/22 pitches their business innovations to the international community. More info at

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